Sunday, October 3, 2010

John is Inducted

Peter got us tickets to a JMU football game this weekend. You know what that means: John is no longer a college football virgin! We figured, what with Peter being a senior and all, we'd better get ourselves to a football game NOW. We made that decision just as JMU embarked on some big wins, and found their tickets all sold out for the season! But Pete has friends, and one of his friends' father generously treated us to some of his season tickets.

We picked a perfect day, with sunny weather in the 70's. Pete, John and I picnicked before the game, but we avoided the tailgates so as to be fully present at this momentous event. I have been to a few college football games (thanks, Dad!), but this being John's first time we wanted it to be really special. To give you an idea of how excited he was, I'll share our conversation with absolute accuracy:
Darien: Let's go to a JMU football game! I want to see the marching band!
John: I'd rather see the football game than the marching band.
Darien: Ok!
Darien: We've got tickets!
John:  ... (looks like his computer just died) ...
Darien: You said you wanted to go!
John: I was KIDDING.
As you can see, we all ended up having fun, even though JMU lost to Delaware, 13-10. It was a fairly close, fairly engaging game. The fans were insanely enthusiastic. The marching band rocked.

JMU Touchdown!